Upgrades to your home help you deepen the appreciation you have for your home. With advances in technology, home upgrades can also save your money over time. The following are three green bathroom remodeling trends that designers are incorporating in homes that actually save homeowners money in the long run.

Low-Flow Toilets

When it comes to your toilet, you may not give the water used in each flush a second thought. If you have considered it, then you may think that you have no control over the amount of water used to flush waste down then drain. Fortunately, you are not alone if you considered saving money by saving water when you flush. In fact, you can purchase a low-flow toilet that works to save you money each time you flush—no more flushing money down the drain. With a low-flow toilet, you get more than just a money-saver. You also get the latest look for your toilets.

Hands-Free Faucet

Another must-have in your bathroom is hands-free faucets. These motion-activated faucets are more than attractive faucets in your upgraded bathrooms. Hands-free faucets work to save you money as well. Once activated, these faucets only allow a certain amount of water to flow. By incorporating a hands-free faucet, you can prevent family members from brushing their teeth with the water on, which wastes tons of water each year.

A hands-free faucet also helps prevent the spread of germs. With fewer hands on the faucet, no one has to worry about cross contamination.

Smart Showers

Water conservation is a great way to go green in your shower as well. New smart showers are a popular choice for homeowners who want to go the extra mile to preserve the environment. With smart shower heads, you get a sleek look in your shower while conserving water. These shower heads are outfitted with technology that informs people in the shower how much water they are using each time they shower. Armed with that information, they can choose they can reduce their shower time to save the household money.

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