When you spend considerable time indoors, poor air quality can cause a variety of health issues. Unexplained allergy symptoms, fatigue, brain fog, and respiratory distress are just a handful of the complications associated with low-quality indoor air — sound familiar?

At Steve’s Plumbing & Heating, we know poor indoor air quality presents a confounding challenge for many homeowners. We’re here to help you solve it. Below, we’ve outlined three simple solutions you can implement to improve the quality of your indoor air. 

Duct Cleaning & Maintenance

Many homeowners don’t realize it, but the condition of their ductwork plays a major role in the quality of their indoor air. Are you among them? Dirty ducts have been known to trigger a slew of bothersome symptoms tied to:

●        Excessive dust and dust mites

●        Pet hair and dander

●        Outdoor pollen

●        Chemical residue

●        Mold, mildew, viruses, and bacteria 

Unless you keep your windows cracked open, your HVAC system continually recycles the air inside your home. As that air picks up particles from inside your house, it carries them back into the ductwork, where they get deposited along the interior walls of the system. And unfortunately, that’s exactly where they’ll remain without professional intervention.

That’s where duct cleaning services come in. Professional duct cleaning is designed to remove all manner of health-harming buildup from within your ducts using specialized cleaning tools. With routine cleaning, you’ll not only enjoy purer indoor air, but you’ll also find your HVAC system operates more efficiently.

In addition to routine duct cleaning, we also recommend replacing your system filters according to the manufacturer’s recommended schedule.

Annual Air Conditioner Maintenance

Is your air conditioner housing mold or bacteria? Unless you conduct routine maintenance according to a regular schedule, this issue can be difficult to detect. And, though you might be unaware of such a problem, it continually pollutes your indoor air. So how do you remedy the issue? With routine air conditioner maintenance.

HVAC maintenance serves to improve system performance through component inspection and cleaning. If you’ve never had your air conditioner professionally serviced, expert attention can go a long way in terms of improving your indoor air quality. For optimal performance system performance, we recommend scheduling a maintenance appointment once per year. 

Household Air Purification Systems

Though your HVAC system contains filters, they’re not designed to trap many of the more microscopic particles that contribute to poor air quality. Fortunately, household air purification systems are designed to pick up the slack.

Generally, air purification devices (or whole-house systems) contain HEPA filters, which effectively capture 99.7% of particles as small as 0.3 micrometers in diameter. For reference, the average human hair has a diameter of about 80 micrometers! Can you imagine just how microscopic some of those health-harming particles inside your house are? Certain devices and systems also come equipped with UV sanitization, which effectively kills viruses and bacteria as they pass through the filter.

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