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Clogged Drain Repair & Maintenance

Down and down it goes, swirling in ever-smaller spirals until all of the liquid in your sink has been whisked away into the unseen labyrinth of our sewer system. At least, that’s the idea.

Your plumbing system is one of your family's best friends. It supplies you with fresh drinking water, clean water for showers and baths, and removes harmful wastes from your home. But your plumbing system is not invincible. Avoid the most aggravating problem a homeowner can face - a house full of stopped up toilets and clogged drains.

On ounce of prevention, they say, is worth a pound of cure. That’s certainly the case with drain maintenance. Keep your drains working smoothly and effectively and you’ll avoid clogs, overflows, and nasty smells. Steve’s Plumbing & Heating, serving all of central Wisconsin including Wausau, Stevens Point and Wisconsin Rapids, offers a wide range of drain maintenance services.

Drain Maintenance Solutions

We offer a wide range of drain maintenance solutions that will ensure that your sinks and drains remain free-flowing - and free of clogs. 

Drain Vision™
Drain Vision provides first-rate insight into the current condition and function of the sewer lines. The goal of the Drain Vision inspection is to look for unusually large amounts of debris or grease as well as any other obstructions or flow issues. In this process, video cameras are fed into the lines from the house and snaked through to the main sewer line in the street, helping to identify your sewer problems quickly and efficiently. This procedure is currently the most thorough, straightforward, and time-efficient way to give you an accurate account of your sewer line and whether repair or replacement is necessary.

Aqua Bright Pipe Rejuvenation™
Wouldn't it be great if your plumbing system was as clean as the day it was installed...or cleaner? Clogged drains are a big hassle. Dirt and sludge can build up in your pipes, creating a grotesque and impassable barrier keeping waste from leaving your home. Your pipes can be like new again, and we don’t have to tear your home apart to do it. The Aqua Bright Pipe Rejuvenation™ is our technologically advanced pipe scrubbing system that breaks up, eliminates, and removes the sludge, dirt, grime, and filth that has attached itself to your pipes over the years.

Aqua Bright Pipe Rejuvenation™ removes all of the sludge and grime from your home's pipes and blasts it away. High pressure blasts of water will transform your dirty, sludge-filled pipes into gleaming, Aqua Bright™ pipes. So clean, in fact, that future dirt and sludge will just slide on by rather than sticking around to cause problems.

Annual RootX treatments kill pipeline roots to keep your system root free and avoid costly sewer and septic tank repairs. RootX® makes it easy for your plumbing professional to kill roots in residential sewer lines, storm pipes and septic systems. Root intrusion may be the single most destructive element facing your home’s wastewater collection system, sewer or septic system. Left untreated, roots will spread throughout the pipe. Material passing down the drain gets trapped in the roots, restricting the flow or even causing a complete blockage, which could cost thousands to repair or replace. We recommend annual RootX® treatments to keep your system root free and avoid costly sewer and septic tank repairs.

The patented RootX® formula foams on contact with water to reach the top of the pipe where 90% of the roots are. Degreasing agents strip away grime so the RootX® herbicide can penetrate the roots, killing them on contact. RootX® sticks to the pipe walls, preventing re-growth for up to a year. Dead roots decay over time, restoring pipes to their full capacity.

RootX® kills roots using the aquatic herbicide Dichlobenil. It’s non-caustic, non-fumigating and non-systemic, and it contains no diquat dibromide, copper sulfate or metam sodium. RootX® will not harm pipes, septic systems or above-ground vegetation.

Certified with EPA registration #68464-1, RootX® is registered for use in all 50 states as well as Canada, and it’s classified as a ‘General Use’ product by the Environmental Protection Agency. In addition, RootX® carries the signal word CAUTION, the lowest chemical hazard rating according to the ISO 3864-2 standard for hazard severity panels.

A natural biological drain line, septic, and grease trap maintainer, BioSmart™ is available in liquid or powder formulations, and performs without harmful chemicals or additives. BioSmart™ will keep systems clean and free-flowing by unleashing naturally occurring bacteria that thrive on the grease, oil, and stubborn organics found in every wastewater system.

Drain Maintenance Tips 

Daily use of household and commercial strength chemicals and detergents destroys the natural population of friendly bacteria that every wastewater system relies on to reduce oily and organic components. BioSmart™ safely, effectively, and economically eliminates the resulting organic buildup by replenishing friendly bacteria in the wastewater environment, eliminating the constant greasy slime buildup and odorous residue.

BioSmart™ can be safely used in all septic systems, cesspools, leach and drain fields, grease traps, vehicle holding tanks, boat bilges, and all drain lines - sinks, toilets, urinals, tubs, showers, floors, and garbage disposals. BioSmart™, unlike dangerous drain cleaning chemicals, is safe for both human handling and the environment.

BioSmart™ is designed to work in conjunction with professional plumbing and septic system maintenance. BioSmart™ will not clear a completely clogged system, repair broken pipes and mechanical defects, or degrade inorganic materials. BioSmart™ will maintain free-flowing systems and remedy sluggish systems.

BioSmart™ formulations have met the EPA's DfE challenge for biological drain line and septic system products by demonstrating a more positive human health and environmental profile.

When you work with Steve’s Plumbing and Heating, you call the shots. We will educate you on our products and services and let you select whatever you wish. Plus, with our Straightforward Pricing, you won’t have any surprises once we’re all done.