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At Steve's Plumbing, Inc. we want to be the plumber that you call every time. To better serve you, we have put together this listing of frequently asked questions to better assist you with questions you may have.

What should I expect from my service visit? 

Because your time is valuable, we will send a fully trained technician to your home with a truck stocked with 1,000s of parts. This means that unless your problem is extremely unusual, we are able to complete the work while we are at your home. This not only saves you time but money as well, because we do not need to run out for parts. The tech will do a thorough evaluation of your problem, helping you understand the problem and the proper procedure to repair it. We then give you Straightforward Pricing options, before any work begins.

Can I get ballpark pricing over the phone? 

Prices over the phone are rarely in your favor. We do not give pricing over the phone. Some companies may give a low price over the phone just to get in your door and then increase the price when they arrive at your home. Our policy is to be onsite, do a thorough evaluation of the problem, talk with you about what we have found and give you Straightforward Pricing.

What is the Straightforward Pricing you offer? 

We prefer to offer you a range of options. Before the tech begins any work we will review what we found during our evaluation of the problem, help you understand the problem and the proper procedure to repair it. Then we will let you know exactly what it costs to complete the work and what is going to be done. This is our Straightforward Pricing.

What do you charge per hour? 

We don't charge per hour; we use Straightforward Pricing. When you pay by the hour, the longer the plumber takes, the more YOU pay. In other words, the slowest plumbers with the worst equipment make the most money. With Straightforward Pricing, you will know the cost of the job before the technician begins any work, and whether it takes him two hours or six hours, you pay the Straightforward Price that we gave you before we started the job. 

Do you charge a service fee? 

We do charge a service fee. We have highly trained, professional technicians ready to come to your home. We provide ongoing training for our technicians to ensure that they are on top of the latest technology and safety guidelines to ensure the safety of your home and family to offer. Please know that this fee also helps deter the overhead costs of gas, administrative costs, and more.

What is reduced Guardian Program pricing? 

By becoming a member of our Guardian Program you receive priority-plumbing service. This membership includes member-only discounts. The Guardian Program is like "plumbing insurance" for your home. It protects your home from annoying plumbing problems by having a Certified Service Technician inspect your plumbing system on a regular schedule and receive FREE plumbing system adjustments including all connected equipment. For a complete list visit the Guardian Program page on our site.