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Let’s look at three scenarios. In the first, you have no plumbing fixtures at all, just a pipe coming out of the wall. This obviously will not work: you would have water flooding your house contantly. The second is having simple valves at the end of those exposed pipes. This way you can control water flow a bit and avoid a constant flood. These valves, however, would make your entire home look more like the boiler room of an old steamship. In the third scenario, you enter a richly appointed hotel restroom that is festooned with brushed nickel faucets and towel holders, granite countertops, and sparkling porcelain commodes. Which makes you feel the most comfortable, the most at home?

How we decorate our home reflects on who we are, our sense of style and the things we value. Just as the art we hang on our walls or the furniture with which we provide hospitality, our fixtures can complement the d├ęcor or make a statement of their own. One trip to any home improvement store will inspire you with a dizzying array of kitchen and bathroom fixtures – from vintage to modern and from utilitarian to extravagant.

Beautiful, Functional Fixtures for the Whole House

We tend to take our fixtures for granted. They generally work, each and every time we use them. No less is expected from these unsung heroes of countless baths and showers. But this unfailing service all begins with installation. You can have the finest, most expensive faucet on the market, yet an improper installation will turn it into nothing more than a pipe that carries water. At Steve’s Plumbing & Heating, our fixture installation receives the same impeccable attention to detail as any other service we provide. It’s done once, and it’s done right. If you are building a new home and starting with a clean canvas, or upgrading your older hardware to something better, our expertise and experience will ensure that your fixture installation will be viable for many, many years to come!

Whether you need new fixture installed to replace outdated or broken ones, or you’re creating a new bathroom and need professional installation to ensure quality and code compliance, Steve’s Plumbing & Heating has all the tools, know how, and local knowledge at our fingertips to make your fixture installation a snap. Give us a call and let us do it the right way, the first time.