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The Guardian Program

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5-Star Service

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Over 7,000 Reviews Request a Quote

5-Star Service

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Over 7,000 Reviews Request a Quote
  • 300-Point Inspections
  • Front-of-the-Line Priority Service
  • Members-Only Discounts
  • Reduced Diagnostic Feeds
  • Extended Guarantees

The Guardian Program: Over $200 in Free Service Every Year!

The Guardian Program is your plumbing service membership that helps safeguard your home from plumbing and HVAC emergencies. This exclusive program safeguards your home and family from unexpected plumbing problems, extends the life of your water heater, and can help you avoid destructive water damage.

Start your Guardian Program membership today for $10.95 per month, or only 36 cents per day!

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Choose the maintenance program that works for you, depending on your systems. The Guardian Program Plus plan is designed for homeowners with septic and well systems.

300-Point Inspection

Protect your home from annoying plumbing problems by having a Certified Service Technician inspect your plumbing system on a regular schedule and receive free plumbing system adjustments.

Over $200 in free service every year once a year, one of our Certified Service Technicians will give your home a thorough inspection and free plumbing system adjustments.

  • All your toilets and faucets are checked. Any needed toilet & faucet adjustments are included.
  • Drain Vision™ technology is used to check for blockages in your sewer.
  • All your exposed water lines are checked for any damage.
  • All of your drains are checked above and below sinks for leaks and clogs.
  • Your washing machine hoses and valves are thoroughly checked and tested.
  • Your water heater is checked for safety, leaks, and signs of corrosion.
  • Any concerns or questions you may have about your home’s plumbing are gladly answered.
  • All of the piping under your bathroom and kitchen sinks is checked for any sign of potential water damage.

Front-of-the-Line Priority Service

You will go to the front of the service line and be priority-service protected every hour of every day.

Members-Only Discounts

You’ll never pay the full price for any service. Take advantage of members-only specials. You receive up to a 10% discount on repairs.

Reduced Diagnostic Fees

Receive drastically reduced diagnostic fees from bright, competent, and highly skilled technicians.

Extended Guarantees

Automatically receive an additional full 3-year guarantee above and beyond our already industry-leading guarantee on all repairs and replacements absolutely free for as long as you remain a Guardian member. (Excludes drain cleaning and drain line repairs.)

The Guardian Program Plus

Get all the benefits of the Guardian Program + added security for septic and well systems – an additional $300 in free services every year. Once a year, a licensed service technician will give your home and septic system a thorough inspection and free plumbing system adjustments, including all connected equipment, both interior and exterior.

Start your Guardian Program Plus today for $21.90 per month or only 72 cents per day!

The following services are included in your annual septic and well inspection:

  • Check and clean the septic filter
  • Measure scum and sludge depth
  • Check effluent temperature
  • Check tank liquid level & drainfield
  • Check pump, floats, and baffles
  • Check integrity of the septic tank, risers, and lid
  • Perform stress test
  • Septic tank pumping as needed. (Based on normal use, not more than once every 3 years. Holding tanks and failing septics do not apply.)
  • Tune up the well, well pump, and pressure tank
  • Check the operating pressure
  • Check the amps of the well pump