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Through our trenchless sewer division, Advanced Trenchless Solutions, we are able to fully repair the sewer line from your house to the street without digging in your yard. This is a huge advance. Previously, plumbers had to put on their hardhats and dig deep into your ground, garden, grass, and sidewalk in order to repair damage to your sewer pipes.

No Digging No longer. At Steve’s Plumbing & Heating, we can do a first-rate job without damaging your yard. Your bed of peonies, that hedge of lilac, or your newly poured front walk will all be spared from the backhoe’s unforgiving claw. Instead, we work our way through the existing pipe network with this new system - leaving your yard as it was before you called us. Pipe bursting is a trenchless method of replacing buried pipelines (such as sewer and water) without the need for a traditional trenching. "Launching and receiving pits" replace the trench needed by conventional pipe-laying. In general, pipe bursting is accomplished by the advancement of a cone shaped bursting head through an original, or host pipe that due to its geometry translates forward thrust into radial expansion forces. These radial expansion forces overcome the host's pipe's tensional and shear strength capabilities and subsequently burst or split the pipe. Attached to the rear of the bursting head is the new line that is simultaneously installed as the bursting head advances and bursts the old pipe. Pipe lining is a trenchless option to replace your sewer. We use the old sewer line as a host, resin is inserted into the sewer line along with a balloon the balloon is inflated and forces the resin to coat the entire pipe. Air is piped through the balloon allowing the resin to cure in place. The balloon is then removed, giving you a new seamless solution.

Working on your exterior plumbing doesn't have to be a massively intrusive process. Save your grass, garden, and sanity. Call us today with your sewer repair needs, and we’ll get the job done and leave not a trace!