A failed sewer line is already bad enough, but with traditional repair methods, the repair process can make the situation seem even worse. Normally, a line that is broken or suffers from drips and leaks has to be dug up out of the ground, and anything in the way has to be destroyed in the process. Your lawn, shrubs, and possibly even your driveway could be torn up by the merciless jaws of a backhoe. Wouldn't you rather use a method that doesn't require any of this destruction?

Introducing Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

Method #1

Trenchless sewer repair does away with the need to dig up your yard to fix your broken or leaky sewer line. Instead of replacing the line in the traditional way, the old line destroyed with through the use of a method we call "pipe bursting." A bursting head is sent through the old line, splitting that line as it goes. Meanwhile, it tows a new line behind it. This new line follows the path of the bursting head, so there is no need to dig a new trench to put it in place.

Method #2

Another way we can fix your sewer line without digging a trench is by using pipe lining. With this method, the old line isn't replaced as in the method above. Instead, it’s lined with resin. The resin is injected into the line along with a balloon. This balloon is then inflated, which forces the resin against the sides of the old pipe. The balloon is left in place until the resin cures. Once this is done, the balloon is removed, leaving you with a seamless—and leakless—sewer pipe.

Which Method is Appropriate for Your Sewer Line?

This depends on the condition of the line. We will inspect it to determine its condition and provide recommendations. Upon acceptance of our quote, we'll restore the proper operation of your wastewater removal system, without the destructive trenching associated with the traditional method.

Can These Methods be Used for Septic Lines, Too?

Yes. These techniques are good for the main waste line leading from your house, regardless of whether it connects to a sewer or a septic tank.

To learn more about trenchless sewer repair or schedule an inspection, contact us today!