When it comes to thermostat selection, you’ve got quite a range of options. From bare-bones basic units to programmable and smart devices, heating and cooling controls have come a long way in recent years. So how can you possibly decide which type of thermostat is appropriate for your particular space? Below, our team at Steve’s Plumbing & Heating has broken down the differences between the different thermostat types to help you choose the right one for your needs.

Thermostat Selection: The 3 Different Types

When selecting the best thermostat for your needs and living space, both your temperature preferences and budget will determine which unit is most likely to meet your needs. The three most common options are:

●        Manual thermostats. When central heat and air conditioning first entered the market, manual thermostats were the only option. Today, manufacturers have added a few additional features, but overall, manual devices operate much the same as they did decades ago. These units feature basic, manually operated controls, and though they aren’t necessarily considered energy efficient, if you adjust the temperature on a regimented schedule, you can mitigate high heating and cooling costs. In terms of budget, manual thermostats are the most affordable option.

●        Programmable thermostats. A step up from the manual thermostat are programmable devices. These units can be programmed to automatically adjust according to a time schedule or your temperature preferences and can save you up to 35% annually on your heating and cooling costs. If you’re trying to cut down your energy bills without monitoring the temperature constantly, investing in a programmable unit will likely serve you well. As far as affordability goes, programmable devices are affordable, but more expensive than their manual counterparts.

●        Smart thermostats. Of all thermostat options, smart thermostats offer the greatest convenience, energy efficiency, and control over indoor temperature maintenance. These units can be controlled via a number of remote devices, including your cell phone, tablet, or computer. Even better, higher-end smart thermostats feature machine learning capabilities, which allow them to recognize room occupants and outdoor conditions and adjust indoor temperatures accordingly.

Smart thermostats are also fully integrable with a variety of home automation systems, allowing you to program and control multiple features simultaneously. As the most technologically advanced of the three options, smart thermostats are the priciest of the three options.

Zoned Heating and Cooling Systems

If your home is quite large or features multiple floors, a zoned heating and cooling system may be more appropriate. With zoned temperature control, rather than a single thermostat that controls the temperature within the entire house, multiple thermostats control the temperature in various areas of your home. Each thermostat connects to the primary control, so you have the ability to adjust indoor temperature from a single unit. But, because each unit can also function autonomously, zoned systems allow greater flexibility over singular thermostats. 

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