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Water Heater Repair, Replacement & Installation

There are few more relaxing activities than taking a hot shower after a long day - especially with Wisconsin’s winters! Hot water helps get the gunk off your dirty dishes, fully clean your clothes, and makes washing up a more pleasant experience. Hot water is no longer a luxury. It’s a necessity.

We take our water heaters for granted - you turn on the faucet or the shower and adjust the water to a suitable temperature. It never fails, until that winter morning when the shower runs cold. Although a freezing shower may heighten our intestinal fortitude in the face of overwhelming discomfort, most of us prefer a warmer bathing experience. Likewise, cold water does not meet the prerequisite for some dishwashing or laundry duties. This thermodynamic process that heats water above its initial temperature is a part of our daily lives, so when it fails, Steve’s Plumbing & Heating can get you back on track quickly and efficiently. Our SuperTrucks are always stocked with all vital water heater components, including complete water heater assemblies, so once we are on site, there is no need for time-consuming trips back to the warehouse or to a local home improvement store. Our 24/7 service provision means we get the job done when you need it done.

If you find yourself suddenly without hot water, give us a call. We know how important having hot water is for you and your family.  If you find yourself in hot water by not having hot water, give us a call right away! You won't have to take another cold shower. Our expert plumbers know residential plumbing in Wisconsin inside and out, and we are always on call to respond to your needs.