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Plumed Appliance Replacement & Installation

Do you have an old, clunky, inefficient refrigerator in the kitchen? Or an old stove that never heats evenly? Maybe you’ve added a dishwasher, or replaced your dryer. Whatever your reasons for getting new appliances, you’ll need professional installation services.

Once you have selected the appliances that will complete your kitchen, bathroom or laundry area, it’s time for installation. Modern life would be virtually impossible without these essential home fixtures – imagine having no refrigerator to store your food, no stove to cook on and no bathroom, well – you get the picture. Cutting-edge technology and brilliant design are invested in making appliances both reliable and aesthetically complimentary to their d├ęcor. Whether you choose a mirrored stainless steel ensemble for your kitchen or a more nostalgic, “vintage” style motif, installing your appliances properly is our highest priority.

Professional Appliance Installation 

Appliance installation involves more than might initially meet the eye. One does not simply plug in your washer or dryer into an outlet and call it a day. You don’t just place a toilet where you want it and screw it down. Hoses and fittings and gaskets and valves – many components are required to yield a functional appliance at the end of the day. With our vast experience and comprehensive supply of parts, every appliance installation is completed with the greatest attention to detail. Doing it right the first time mitigates unnecessary service calls in the future, and guarantees your satisfaction with the investment you have made.

Make sure all of your new appliances are installed correctly, safely, and to code. We’ll come out and make sure it’s done right the first time so that you won’t even have to think about the installation again.