One of the worst things that can happen to your home is a malfunctioning main sewer line. This issue doesn’t just put a serious kink in your daily household operations; it puts the structure of your home at risk for severe damage. And if you fail to recognize the issue and seek prompt sewer repair, fixing the damage could cost you thousands. To help you avoid a household disaster, the experts at Steve’s Plumbing & Heating outline four signs that your house has a mainline sewer problem. 

Persistent Slow Drains

Though minor drain clogs can cause your sinks, showers, tubs, and toilets to drain slowly, a simple plunging or standard drain cleaning should solve minor blockages. But if you’re dealing with persistent slow drains and simple unclogging methods don’t solve the problem, there may be a deeper, more severe blockage somewhere in the main sewer line.

Backed-Up Drains

When you flush your toilet, does water back up into your bathtub or shower? If so, that’s a solid indication of an issue with your main sewer line. Because all of the drains in your home flow into the main sewer line, if there’s a blockage in that line, there’s a considerable amount of water in the pipe just waiting to drain out.

When you flush the toilet, an influx of water enters the line, which then forces the standing water in the pipe upward and out through the first available opening. If you have floor drains in the basement, you might notice water backing up through those openings as well.

Regardless of where the backup occurs, it’s critical that you contact a plumber at your earliest convenience. If there’s a blockage in the line, professional drain cleaning can usually solve it. And if the line is damaged, trenchless sewer repair is the most suitable course of action.

Wafting Sewer Odors

Do the drains around your house smell awful? If so, you may have a main sewer line leak on your hands. A properly functioning, fully intact sewer line is airtight, which prevents sewer gases from wafting up through the pipes. But when the line is damaged, air leaks can carry off-putting odors into your home through the drains.

Any time you notice a foul smell emanating from any of your drains, contact a plumber for advice. Professional drain cleaning might solve the problem, but only a plumber can determine if sewer repairs are necessary.

Vibrant Patches of Green Grass

Have you noticed unusually green patches of grass in your yard? Sewage makes a fantastic fertilizer, so if you haven’t been applying nutrients to your lawn and it’s lusher than usual, that may be a sign of a leaking sewer line. Only a plumber can determine whether the line contains leaks, so schedule an inspection as soon as you can. 

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