Here’s a fun fact: Sewage backups are never covered by standard homeowner’s insurance. Which makes it imperative that you pay close attention to the way your plumbing and sewer system perform. When you do, you’ll be more likely to catch minor red flags before they balloon into expensive plumbing problems.

To help you keep a better eye on your plumbing system, the experts at Steve’s Plumbing & Heating share five common signs of sewer damage below.

You Smell Sewage in Your House

If you don’t have a child in diapers and you smell sewage in your house, call a plumber immediately. When your sewer line is working properly, those nasty odors remain contained within the line. But when there’s anything amiss with the line, sewer gases can travel upward through the pipe and into your house.

You might be dealing with a sewer line clog — which is relatively easy to remedy — or you could be facing sewer line damage, which is a far more serious issue. Either way, you need to have a licensed plumber take care of the problem promptly.

Your Drains Are Super Slow

Slow drains can be the result of several issues; they aren’t always a sign that you need sewer repair. That said, it never hurts to take extra caution when it comes to issues with your sewer system.

Since your homeowner's insurance may not cover a sewage backup, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Call a plumber who can perform a camera drain inspection to determine what’s causing slow drainage. If there’s a potential sewer line issue, your plumber will let you know about it on the spot. 

Your Toilets Gurgle

If your toilets are noisy even when no one is using them, that could be a sign of an impending sewage backup or sewer line damage.

When liquids in your sewer line encounter a blockage and cannot get past it, they have nowhere to go but back up the line toward your house. This process can create noise, so if you hear your toilet sounding off when no one is in the bathroom, call a plumber to schedule a sewer inspection.

Your Yard Has Soft Spots or Super Green Areas

Your sewer line runs underground through your yard, so when there’s damage to that line, you might see evidence of the problem in the way your yard looks. If you’ve noticed your lawn has several soft or soggy spots, or if there are areas where the grass appears unusually green, you likely have a damaged sewer line.

When sewage continually leaks out of the line, it not only fertilizes the grass, making it super green, but it also keeps your lawn soggy even when it’s dry outside. If you hear squelching noises in certain areas of your yard or even get wafts of a sewage-like odor, get a plumber on the phone as soon as you can. You need to have this issue diagnosed quickly to avoid more extensive sewer repairs in the future.

Drains Back Up When You Flush the Toilet

If your toilet backs up when you flush it — even when there isn’t a ridiculous amount of toilet paper in the bowl — that could be a sign of a sewer problem. Similarly, if you notice water or brown liquid backing up through your shower, bathtub, or floor drains, you’ve probably got a damaged sewer line on your hands.

If the problem has progressed to this point, you need to call a plumber ASAP. This isn’t an issue you should ever attempt to diagnose or repair yourself.

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