The drains in your home carry used water out of your home and to your septic system or the sewer drain line. If you don’t properly care for and maintain your drains, they can fail, which can cause nasty water backups. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of how to properly care for their drains. Here are a few tips you can follow for proper drain maintenance:

●        Be Mindful of What You Send Down the Drain

Never put vegetable peels, egg shells, rice, or pasta down your kitchen sink, even if you have a garbage disposal. In the bathroom, never flush feminine hygiene products or paper towels down the toilet drain. Take the time to learn what can and cannot go down your drain and avoid sending anything down the drain that can be harmful, get stuck or cause a clog.

●        Use Drain Guards

Drain guards are an inexpensive way to prevent certain items from going down the drain. Drain guards can be placed on sink drains, shower drains or bathtub drains. The guards allow water to flow through the drain, while catching other items, such as hair and food particles. This prevents many clogs from even forming.

●        Flush Your Drains Monthly

Pouring a pot of hot water down every drain on a monthly basis can help to remove grease or soap residue that can lead to a clog forming. This is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to care for your drains. However, it is important to note that nearly boiling water should not be poured in porcelain fixtures, such as porcelain toilets, as it can cause the porcelain to crack.

●        Hire a Professional for Drain Cleaning as Needed

Lastly, hire a professional for drain cleaning as needed. If you see your drains are starting to slow down, it’s probably time to contact a professional. Our team can spray pressurized water in the drain, which removes debris and clogs. This helps to ensure water can flow properly.

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