A heat pump is part of a mechanical-compression cycle refrigeration system that we install for both heating and cooling purposes. The pump circulates warm air from one location to another. Which direction the pump moves the air depends on the temperature outside (or the temperature needed inside the building). When it’s cold outside the pump takes the air and converts it to warm air before pushing inside the house. When it’s warm outside, the pump removes the warm air so that the AC unit can produce cold. It is the most vital component in your heating and cooling system. So, as you might guess, when the heat pump goes bad, it cripples the rest of the equipment.


The Heat Pump and the Compressor

The compressor acts like a piston in your car engine. It places the refrigerant in the system and then compresses it, causing high pressure. Under pressure, the temperature of the coolant rises, and it converts into a high-pressure gas. The gas has nowhere to go but to the condensing coil. The coil exchanges the heat which is then distributed through the air ducts. If the compressor goes bad, it starts a chain reaction of part failure that continues with the heat pump and so forth.


How Do You Know if Your Heat Pump Has Failed?

If your heat pump goes out, you may not know the symptoms. Below are some of the signs of a failed heat pump:


●        The coil has a thick layer of ice over it. The ice will build up and get worse. See if the filter needs to be changed. If you change the filter and there is still ice on the coil, it’s probably the pump.

●        The heater doesn’t stop running. Try adjusting the temperature or turning the thermostat off. Turn it back on. If the HVAC unit keeps running, the pump probably needs to be replaced.

●        The heater is producing cold air instead of hot air. There’s nothing you can do to check the system yourself. You’ll need to call Steve’s Plumbing & Heating.


Professional Heat Pump Repair

When your compressor or heat pump fails, you’ll need to call Steve’s Plumbing to repair or replace it. Only a certified technician has the proper tools and training to identify problems with these components to restore your system. During the winter, getting your heat pump repaired is crucial so that it doesn’t get cold in the house. Since you can’t run your system without a pump, you only have a few hours before it becomes uncomfortably cold in the home. We can install a new heat pump in your house in an efficient manner so that you don’t have to wait.


Steve’s Plumbing Can Replace Your Heat Pump

Don’t let your heat pump get you down this winter. Contact Steve’s Plumbing & Heating for all your HVAC repairs. We offer fast service, affordable rates, and reliable work you can count on. To schedule a repair, call us at 715-421-1800.