A sink disposal is great if you generate a lot of kitchen scraps. You never have to worry about the garbage can starting to smell as it awaits trash day, and you don't have to worry about clogging your drain, either. This makes getting a disposal a simple decision. The only question is how to go about getting it installed.

On some forums, you may find people saying a disposal can be a DIY project. While this is technically true, keep in mind that technically, anything can be a DIY project – even building an entire house! Obviously, not everything is really feasible to do yourself unless you have specialized training. Disposals fall into this category.

The Plumbing Aspect

This is the part that involves making your new disposal fit into your drain and connect properly to your sink. Since the machine is relatively heavy, this involves finding a way to stabilize it so it won't come apart, force the pipes into the wrong directions, and won't leak. Many DIYers find that this is a very frustrating, puzzle-like endeavor when they actually get into the job.

The Electrical Aspect

A disposal has to be properly wired up in order to work. It is especially important to get it right since water will be running right through the mechanism every time you use your sink. Mistakes can cause your sink, pipes, or both to become electrified and shock you. As you know, shocks of this magnitude can be very painful or even kill you! Therefore, it's essential that you know how to properly do electrical work.

The Easiest Solution is to Hire a Professional

Hiring a professional has many benefits, especially to the average homeowner. You don't have to fight with unfamiliar parts, learn a slew of new procedures, or worry about the local building codes. This saves you loads of frustration and time.

Finally, it's always safer to hire a pro for work involving water and electricity. You can rest assured that when you turn on the water, you won't get a shock along with it.

●        Pros already know all of the tricks of the project

●        Pros know the building codes

●        Pros know how to safely wire everything up

For professional installation of your new disposal, contact Steve's Plumbing and Heating. We'll get everything done smoothly and correctly, while you skip the frustration of a first-time project.