Do-it-yourself videos have a knack for making everything look easy, but if you've ever tackled a project as a first-timer, you know it doesn't go the way they show it on YouTube. While it is possible to overcome unexpected difficulties, doing so as a first-timer is typically a long and frustrating process. Do you really want to go through all of this just to put in a new faucet?

Plumbing Isn't Only about Screwing Pipes Together

Hiring a licensed plumber brings more benefits than simply knowing the results won't cause a leak. With a Steve’s Plumbing & Heating professional, you bring in a person with experience and the know-how that comes with it. Our experts understand the tricky aspects that come with plumbing installations, like feeding a bolt onto a nut from a position where he can't see the parts, knowing how tightly to put things together so the seals work but don't get crushed out of shape, how to caulk around the fixture without it looking like a mess, and more.


An experienced plumber is also fast. A job that would take you hours to figure out the first time is a task that someone with experience can do in a few minutes. With a professional installer, you can use your new kitchen faucet immediately sooner.

Licensed Plumbers Also Avoid Mistakes

Any first-time activity is likely to include a few mistakes. This often doesn't get into YouTube videos, or if it does, it's greatly downplayed. However, plumbing mistakes lead to wet, messy results—and damage to nearby water-sensitive fixtures like cabinets. By hiring a plumber, you help to ensure that there won't be damages to expensive cabinet finishes, hardwood floors, and other such household items.


Avoid the frustration of figuring out your faucet installation yourself, and contact Steve’s Plumbing and Heating today!