Your home’s sump pump is a critical component of its plumbing system and one you must maintain—especially if your area is prone to substantial snowmelt. Your home’s sump pump functions to remove water that accumulates around the foundation of your home, and without it, you could find yourself with a flooded crawl space or basement.

If you hope to keep the lower level of your home dry when the snow begins to melt, you must ensure your sump pump is fully operational. At Steve’s Plumbing and Heating, we know just how crucial your sump pump is as spring approaches, so if your pump is experiencing any of the following issues, you’ll need to replace it promptly to avoid potential springtime water damage.

1.      Unusually Noisy Sump Pump

Does your sump pump make a ridiculous amount of noise while it operates? Or does it vibrate excessively? Both of these signs are solid indications that your machine is on its way out. Grinding, rattling, and vibrating typically indicate impeller damage, which may be due to the pump sucking up solid debris. If the impeller is bent or jammed, it will cause the entire apparatus to wobble and make noise because the machine is off balance. Since manually forcing the impeller to straighten is virtually impossible to do correctly, your best option is to replace the sump pump.

2.      Your Sump Pump Seems to Run Constantly

Your sump pump should only run when your sump pit fills with water, so if it seems to be running incessantly, there’s either an issue with the switch or the float mechanism. When your sump pump is in proper working order, it detects the water level in the sump pit via its float mechanism, which then activates the switch that operates the pump.

If the pump shifts inside the sump pit, it can render the float mechanism ineffective, which means it will not accurately detect the pit’s water level and will not activate the switch when necessary. Occasionally, floats may also become stuck or jammed inside the sump basin when excessive pump vibration forces them to shift inside in the pit.

Regardless of what’s causing the issue, a constantly running sump pump should be carefully examined. If it appears that the pump cannot handle water accumulation efficiently, it’s time to replace it.

3.      Your Sump Pump Sees Infrequent Use

If your sump pump rarely sees any action, it’s lifespan will inevitably shorten. To ensure the pump is still in proper working order, you should periodically test it after heavy precipitation and keep a log of each time you run a test. Intermittently testing the pump will allow you to detect early signs of impending pump failure, so you can replace the apparatus before it fails completely. If you’re not familiar with testing the pump, contact a plumbing service who can test the unit and perform any necessary maintenance. The last thing you need is a nonfunctional pump when the need for it arises.

4.      Irregular Sump Pump Cycling

Your sump pump should only cycle on when the water level within the sump basin reaches a certain level. Occasionally, however, it may cycle on and off intermittently—even in heavy precipitation—if the float switch is improperly calibrated or if the unit has a wiring problem. You can attempt to correct the issue by readjusting the float switch, but if that doesn’t alleviate the problem, you’ll need to replace the unit. If you’re not familiar with adjusting the float switch, contact a plumber who can perform the job according to the unit’s specifications.

5.      Old Sump Pump or Motor Failure

Your sump pump won’t last forever, so if your unit is past its seventh birthday, it’s time for a replacement. When the pump is past its prime, the motor is more prone to failure due to internal wiring problems or general wear and tear. Even if the motor hasn’t failed yet, it’s a good idea to contact a plumbing service to inspect the unit and replace it, if necessary.

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