When it comes to household problems, is there anything worse than a toilet that doesn’t work properly? Probably not. Unless you’re fine with the idea of going to the bathroom outdoors, prompt toilet repair is essential to prevent ongoing or worsening plumbing problems.

Curious how you can identify a toilet that needs repairs? The experts at Steve’s Plumbing & Heating explain five of the most common signs of a malfunctioning toilet below.

Frequent Drain Clogs

If your toilet clogs regularly and you’re not using excessive amounts of toilet paper, you’ve got a problem on your hands. In some cases, a drain blockage deep within the pipe can result in frequent clogs, but in others, toilet repairs are necessary to restore optimal performance.

You can try clearing clogs with a standard plunger, but if that doesn’t work long term, you’ll need to call a plumbing repair specialist for a toilet and drain inspection. Faulty toilet parts can also cause frequent clogging, and mechanical issues are best repaired by a professional.

Gurgling or Suction Noises

What do the drains in your bathroom sound like when you flush the toilet? Can you hear any gurgling or sucking noises coming from the pipes? If so, those sounds may indicate a drain blockage, which must be removed through professional drain cleaning.

If the toilet itself makes strange noises, you likely have one or more faulty components that must be repaired or replaced. Contact a plumber for a full inspection to determine what’s causing the noise, and he can advise you on which repairs will restore your toilet’s performance.

Corrosion on Metal Components

If any of your toilets are acting up, take the lid off the tank and inspect the parts inside. If you can see deterioration or corrosion on any of the metal components, those parts must be replaced.

Rust will spread if given the chance, and the amount of moisture present in your toilet’s tank creates a perfect environment for ongoing corrosion. Anytime you notice any of your toilet’s parts are wearing out, it’s a good idea to schedule toilet repairs to avoid a complete breakdown.

Toilet Leaks

A leaky toilet is a serious problem. Not only are toilet leaks gross, but they can also negatively affect the structural integrity of your home if you fail to have the problem repaired. As well, ongoing water waste can significantly drive up the cost of your monthly water bill.

If you ever see moisture forming around the base of your toilet, there’s a high probability that you’re dealing with a toilet leak. This is not an issue you should ever attempt to repair on your own, since multiple component failures may result in leaks. To prevent ongoing damage to your home, contact a plumber at your earliest convenience to schedule an inspection and toilet repairs. 

Weak Flushing

If your toilet barely clears waste when you flush, that’s almost always a sign that one or more of its parts must be replaced. Or, if your plumbing system is suffering from inadequate water pressure, that may be the culprit behind the toilet’s faulty flushing. Regardless of what’s causing the issue, an experienced plumber can diagnose the problem and recommend the appropriate repairs.

Time for Toilet Repairs? Contact Steve’s Plumbing & Heating

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