On average, you are in your home 90% of your time. You sleep, eat, and relax at your home. With so much time at home, have you ever wondered about the quality of the air you’re breathing? In fact, research shows that the air quality in your home may be worse than the air quality outside. Even if you clean your home, you still could be exposing yourself to polluted air in your home which could make you sick. How, so? Your air ducts.


How Can Ducts Make You Sick?

Your air ducts push air throughout your home through your heating and cooling system. They are located strategically throughout your home so that they can move air throughout your home in the most efficient way possible. Unfortunately, their function and location makes it easy for your air ducts to distribute polluted air throughout your home.


How Does Polluted Air Make You Sick

Since your air ducts can’t clean your air, any chemicals or dust particles that are in your air, you breathe in. Fumes from nail polish remover, cigarette smoke, and radon, and carbon monoxide are some of the chemicals and gases found in the air of people’s homes. If any of these chemicals are found in your home, they can jeopardize your health. In most cases, the damage is done over time, however, in some instances, you or your guest can begin to feel ill immediately after breathing it in.


Illnesses Stemming from Low-Quality Air

Although everyone is different, low air quality indoors can lead to a wide variety of illnesses. The following are a few problems experts associate with low air quality in homes:

·         Nose or eye irritation

·         Damage to the liver

·         Damage to the central nervous system

·         Headaches

·         Nausea

·         Loss of coordination

·         Asthma attacks

All too often, many people don’t consider the fact that their ducts could be making them sick. As such, they simply live with their ailments. If you or someone you know is plagued by any of the conditions above, it’s important that you get your air ducts cleaned to see if that corrects the problem.


If you suspect your in-home air quality is suffering, give our team at Steve’s Plumbing and Heating a call today. We are happy to help you measure the quality of your air.