Few products fuel as much debate in the contracting and home improvement world as air purifiers. And let’s be honest, few products spark as many exaggerated claims. Regardless, air purification systems have proven to be beneficial in both homes and businesses when used in appropriate settings. Below we discuss the advantages of implementing air purifiers in your home and how best to optimize their performance.

What are Air Purifiers Designed to Do?

In order to dispel the myths about air purifiers, the first thing you need to understand is their intended purpose. Simply put, an air purifier or air cleaner is a device that is designed to reduce or eliminate allergens, contaminants, and pollutants from the air within a given area. A purifier accomplishes this task by drawing air through a filter and collecting the contaminants.


Although the goal is to completely remove all harmful substances from the air, most manufacturers can confidently boast that their purifiers will remove 99.9% of all the contaminants in the room. Granted, there are some variables at play that will determine how effective the purifier is. Consider the following items:


  • Are you using the right purifier for the intended purpose?
  • How big is the area in which you are trying to clean the air?
  • Are you changing the filters according to manufacturer specifications?
  • Are keeping windows and doors opened in the area?
  • Is the purifier strategically placed so that it can provide you peak performance?


By addressing a few key issues, you’ll find that the purifier will actually clean the air in your home or office.


What are Air Purifiers Not Designed to Do?

When used correctly, air purifiers do their job quite well. When used incorrectly, however, air cleaners will never deliver the type of results you’re looking for and will more than likely cause frustration on your part. With that in mind, don’t believe the following hype:


  • Air purifiers will eliminate the need for dusting or cleaning.
  • Air purifiers will magically cure your allergies.
  • Air purifiers will make your home smell better.
  • Air purifiers will remove tobacco smoke.
  • Air purifiers will remove viruses and germs.


Remember, air purifiers are designed to do one thing: clean the air. While this has numerous long-term benefits for your health, it will not solve all of your air-related problems.


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