Has the Wisconsin air got you down? We can help clean the air in your home by installing a brand new whole-house or single-room air cleaner. A Steve’s Plumbing & Heating technician is ready to show you all the filtration options available to you. Installation is quick and easy and can solve a wide range of issues. Some of these problems are listed below.


You’re Sneezing Like Crazy

Allergens and pollutants can trigger your allergies. Your heating or cooling system will only make matters worse by circulating the dirty air throughout your house. If you don’t have an air cleaner, then your condition deteriorates over time. Our air cleaners trap 99.9% of all allergens and pollutants in the air. Cleaner air is better for your allergies.


You Can’t Get Rid of the Mysterious Odor in Your House

Contaminants, chemicals, and other substances can compound to make your house smell awful. Air cleaners do more than just make the air healthier. They also make it smell better. An air purification system can trap the particles that stink up your house. After installing a system in your home, you’ll start noticing how fresh and clean the air smells after just a day or two.


You Can’t Breathe

Pollution and lousy air can make your home a more difficult place to live. Polluted air can hinder you when you’re trying to take deep breaths, but the atmosphere feels stuffy and thick. An air cleaner can clear the air and give you the ability to breathe more easily. Air purification systems can reduce humidity, which leads to a healthier home interior.


Dust Mites are Everywhere

If you can’t seem to control the dust mite population, it may be because you’re home interior is suffering from unhealthy air. We can install a single unit or full A/C filtering system that will reduce how many mites are crawling around your house. In addition to mites, you’ll also see a reduction in the number other microbes and tiny living organism.


You Have a Severe Respiratory Condition

If you are currently suffering from intense respiratory conditions such as COPD, bronchitis, or emphysema, then you’ll need all the pure air you can get. Having an air filtration system does more than give you a better atmosphere in the house. It could save your life. If you have life-threatening conditions, then we recommend a whole house air cleaner instead of a single-room unit.


Professional Air Purification Installation for Your Wisconsin Home

If you’re tired of the poor quality of the air in your home, then hire Steve’s Plumbing & Heating to install an air cleaning system. We provide a wide range of products and services that are perfect for your home. To schedule an inspection and an estimate, contact us at 715-421-1800. We are the air purification experts in Wisconsin Rapids, Stevens Point, Marshfield, and Wausau.