Today’s thermostats range from standard conventional units to programmable units with lots of bells and whistles. Our guide below can help you compare the different types of thermostats so that you can choose the right one for your home. Manufacturers design all features on modern units for comfort, convenience, and energy-efficiency. Let’s take a closer look at the three types of thermostats we install or repair.


3 Types of Thermostats for Your Lifestyle

If you’re like other homeowners, you have specific needs that will govern what kind of thermostat you purchase. There are three main types of thermostats on the market today. Here are the details:


●        Manual Thermostats. Manual thermostats have been around for at least four decades. Although some features have been added, you mainly operate them the same. Manual thermostats are economical and have few controls. If you state on a regimented schedule, then you can control how much energy the unit uses.

●        Programmable Thermostats. If you don’t want to obsess over maintaining the desired temperature in your home every day, we recommend investing in a programmable thermostat. You can create your desired time/zone/temperature settings and then walk away. Programmable thermostats will save you up to 35% on your heating costs. You can set the thermostat on a schedule for every day of the week.

●        Smart / Wi-Fi Thermostat. Smart thermostats are a step up from programmable thermostats in that you can control them from an app on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Smart systems also integrate well with other automated systems in your so that you can put together a cohesive network.


Zoned Heating

Larger homes may required zoned heating. If you have a house that has several rooms, plenty of floor space, and a second or third floor, one thermostat unit may not be able to heat or cool the interior adequately. Zoned heating solves the dilemma. We install multiple thermostats throughout the house. We connect each unit to the primary system, but with some autonomy for flexibility. It may be warm in one section of your home but cold on the other. You can adjust each unit accordingly. Multiple units eliminate potential thermostat wars that may go on in your household. Zoned heating is a low-energy system that keeps the thermostat from consuming too much electricity.


Thermostat Questions? Ask Steve’s Plumbing & Heating

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