One of the reasons homeowners install appliances without the help of a professional is so that they’ll save money. While this may be true in one sense, you’re still better off hiring a Steve’s Plumbing & Heating technician to install the appliance for you. A professional installation can ensure that the machine is implemented into your electrical system according to building codes, industry standards, and manufacturer specifications. Adhering to all three will keep your house safe while you are using any appliance.


Proper Fit Into Your Room Space

The wrong appliance will either be too small or too large for the area where you want to place it. Our technicians can make the right measurements so that you purchase an appliance of the right size. We can also install it in your home so that it looks professional and clean. No matter where you want your machine to go, we can help you find a way to make it work in almost any room.


Appliance Safety and Performance

When installing an appliance, you need to think beyond just getting it to work. We set up appliances such as refrigerators, water heaters, dishwashers, clothes washers, and dryers, as well as other large-scale devices so that they efficiently perform at their peak. In the end, how much electricity is your appliance using, and how much water is it channeling each day? This will determine how high your energy bills are annually.


Full Protection and Insurance

If you purchased the warranty or insurance on your appliance, the best way to stay under warranty is to have the appliance installed a professional. We can review the warranty to see if it calls for any special instructions on placement, installation components, or settings. In many cases, we are certified to install or repair specific brands of appliances.


Washers And Dryers

Because of the different connections that need to be made with them, washer and dryer installation should be left up to the professionals to do the job. Some homes call for gas dryers which can be more challenging to set up. Calling on a Steve’s Plumbing & Heating technician for the job is the best course of action to take for a proper installation with no hassle.


New Water Lines Need To Be Done Properly

Some refrigerators require water lines since they contain ice makers and water dispensers. If you do not have an existing water line in your kitchen, it may be best to let the professionals handle this installation, as well. New water lines need to be connected to your plumbing system in the right manner and ran safely through your floor to the refrigerator.


Trust Steve’s Plumbing & Heating with Your Installation

No matter what type of installation you need, Steve’s Plumbing & Heating can deliver superior results. Our certified technicians offer reliable, efficient work with affordable rates that stay within your budget. To schedule an appliance installation, contact us today at 715-421-1800, or you can message us on our contact page. We are Wausau and Marshfields premier plumbing contractors.