One of the most challenging problems that occur in your plumbing is fixing a leak under the house. If your home is built on a solid foundation, it makes the issue even worse. Steve’s Plumbing & Heating can identify plumbing leaks under the structure and fix them. We recommend that you hire one of our plumbing technicians instead of attempting a DIY. We can solve the problem faster and provide long-term solutions. Call us today for quick, dependable service.


Symptoms of a Leak Under the House

Most plumbing leaks underneath the home happen slowly and build over time. You may not even notice them for a year or two until the symptoms start to show. By the time they rear their ugly head, you may be looking at significant damage to the foundation or the home’s framework. Some signs of a leak under your house may include:


If the Leak is Underground


●        A moldy, soft, green, or mossy areas below the house

●        A drop in flow volume/water pressure

●        Dirty or rusty water that has suddenly emerged

●        Cracking or soft areas below the house

●        Potholes or sinkholes below the house


If The Leak is in or Below a Foundation Slab


●        Your water bill skyrockets

●        Water pooling where it shouldn’t be in or around the slab

●        Damp carpet or warped hard flooring

●        Mold or mildew smell or visibility

●        A decrease in water pressure

●        A water heater that’s continually running


Is Your Plumbing System Making Noise?

Another sign that there may be a leak underneath the house is noisy pipes. Pressurized, underground pipes that have water leaks will make a variety of sounds. For instance, you may hear a whooshing or hissing sound caused by too much or not enough water pressure. Gurgling or splashing sounds are also an indication that the water pressure has changed dramatically due to a leak somewhere in the pipes. The intensity of the sound is proportionate to the plumbing’s water pressure and the size of the drains.


We Can Fix Your Leaky Pipes!

We’ll need to consider other factors such as plumbing depth, soil type, and location of the pipes about the rest of the network. We have the equipment and training necessary to identify the plumbing issues and where they are located. Steve’s Plumbing & Heating offers drain maintenance and leak repair for home and business owners in Wisconsin Falls and the surrounding Central Wisconsin area. You can depend on us for fast service, quality work, and affordable rates. To schedule a plumbing inspection, contact us at 715-421-1800, or you can message us on our contact page.