As a homeowner, you want every aspect of your home to be comfortable and welcoming. A big part of that is maintaining a fresh look. Each year kitchen trends change. For 2016, there are some surprises in updated kitchens, and then there are some trends forward-thinkers adopted years ago that are just becoming mainstream.

Integrated Living Spaces

With many homeowners adopting open floor plans, there is no wonder there is a shift to integrated living spaces in homes, especially when it comes to the kitchen. Families are no longer sitting at their kitchen tables to eat. As a result, designers have reinvented the kitchen. Open floor plans and seamless flooring allow designers to blend living rooms with kitchens easily. Instead of simply sitting at a bar to eat, now families have the option to eat in front of their 55” television without worry about staining the carpet.

Smart Spaces

Technology has made everyone’s life more convenient. Not too long ago, brooms where your only option for sweeping the floor. Now, you can have a robot sweep your kitchen floor. As technology advances, so will the need for smart spaces in the kitchen. With a reliance on a lot of electronic devices, it makes sense that household cooking experts will require smart spaces to increase functionality. Charging ports, smart wine coolers, and advances appliances are the standard for kitchens these days.

Freezer-on-the-Bottom Refrigerator

One welcomed trend is the freezer-on-the-bottom refrigerator. Instead of purchasing refrigerators with two French doors, homeowners see the value in the freezer-on-the-bottom refrigerator. The new design for the refrigerator makes complete sense too. With the freezer on the bottom, items that have been in the freezer longer are easily accessible, instead of being pushed back out of sight and hard to reach like the refrigerators we’ve used in the past. With the freezer on the bottom, everyday foods stored in the refrigerator remain at eye-level, allowing every family member access to the food they need.

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