Trying to figure out what is wrong with the dishwasher can result in an endless search with no answers. Dishwashers are, after all, the most complicated of all the major appliances in your kitchen. They are made of several moving parts, all of which are vital to the machine’s operation.


Steve’s Plumbing & Heating offers comprehensive plumbing inspection and repair for all water-based appliances in your kitchen. We can identify what is wrong with your dishwasher and make the necessary repairs. Below are some common problems with dishwashers. If any of these are happening to your appliance, call us right away.

The Dishes Are Still Dirty After a Cycle

If you pull the dishes out of the dishwasher and they are still dirty, the most likely explanation is that the sprayer arm nozzle is clogged. Detergent or mineral deposits will build up over time and keep the water from flowing through the nozzle. Even if water manages to get through the nozzle, it will only produce a fraction of the pressure required to clean all the dishes.


Steve’s Plumbing & Heating can clear out the blockage and add some pro-grade dishwasher cleaner to flush out the entire system.

Streaks and Spots on the Dishes

There are two possible causes of streaks or spots on the dishes. First, your water contains a high-level of mineral deposit; thus, the water is hard. We can inspect your water to determine the level of mineral deposits are coming through the plumbing. We can add softener to your entire plumbing system, if necessary.


Second, the detergent is not being adequately rinsed off the dishes. It could be a problem with the rinse phase of the cleaning cycle. If so, we’ll need to check the settings to make sure they are calibrated or working. If not, we can make the necessary repairs.

The Rack Will Not Go in Or Out

If the rack gets jammed and will not move at all, this is an indication that something is broken. A wheel is likely broken on the rack. If so, this a simple fix. A Steve’s Plumbing & Heating technician just has to change a wheel. If it’s the rail, then the entire rail will probably have to be replaced. In that case, we may need to order the part and then install it when it comes in. Do not try to force the rack in or out if it won’t move. Doing so will cause more damage. You’ll end up spending more to replace the parts.

The Water Won’t Drain

It can be a bit challenging trying to figure out why the water won’t drain in our dishwasher. The drain line or the line that feeds into the garbage disposal could be clogged. We can clean it out.


We can also check to make sure you have a clean filter. If your dishwasher has a drain valve, we’ll need to inspect the drain valve bracket. If the bracket isn’t working, it won’t open and allow the water to drain. In many cases, the valve is stuck. If so, we can fix the problem quickly.

Complete Plumbing Repair in Minneapolis, Minnesota

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