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Leaky Pipes: Money Down the Drain

Leaky pipes are costuming money in energy bills each month. Steve’s Plumbing & Heating can identify leaks in your plumbing system. We offer plumbing services in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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It's Time for A Complete Ductwork Inspection

One of the best ways to prepare for winter is by scheduling a professional ductwork inspection and clean out. Steve’s Plumbing & Heating offers complete duct cleaning service in Minneapolis.

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We Offer 24-Hour Emergency Service

If you have a heating or plumbing emergency in your home, Steve’s Plumbing & Heating provides 24-hour emergency repairs and system replacement for homeowners in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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Prepare Your Furnace for Winter in Minnesota

Is the furnace in your home ready for winter? Keep your family warm and comfortable with furnace maintenance from Steve’s Plumbing & Heating. We service homeowners in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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HCFC-22 Phase-Out: What You Need to Know

The HCFC-22 phase-out will remove all harmful substances from air conditioners. If you believe you may have toxins in your AC system, contact Steve’s Plumbing and Heating today.

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How Limescale Affects Your Plumbing System

Limescale is an off-white, chalky substance that develops in hot-water boilers, old pipes, and central heating systems. Steve’s Plumbing & Heating can help you remove limescale from your plumbing.

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Common Dishwasher Problems and Solutions

If you are having problems with your dishwasher, then call Steve’s Plumbing & Heating to have it professionally repaired. We offer plumbing repair and installation in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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Cleaning and Unclogging Your Drain Lines: Why it’s Important

If your drains are clogged or overflowing, contact Steve’s Plumbing & Heating to clean your drains. We provide service for homeowners in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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Why is Your Dishwasher Not Filling Up With Water?

We’ve all had it happen to us: the dishwasher fails to work. In many cases, the problem is that the dishwasher fails to fill up with water. Steve’s Plumbing and heating can inspect your dishwasher to make sure that it is performing properly and cleans your dishes. To schedule a plumbing repair, contact us today.

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Which is More Efficient: a Shower or a Bath?

Find out which is more efficient for you to include in your daily schedule - a Shower or a Bath. Steve’s Plumbing provides you with the information you need!

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