Home renovation is supposed to be expensive, right? Well, not necessarily. You can remodel a bathroom without emptying your bank account, and you needn’t settle for the most expensive options, either. A few techniques exist to slow the money bleed, and you can certainly obtain a top-quality bathroom installation, removal or alteration project while sparing the big dollars. Below, we’ve compiled the top tips for penny-pinching home designers—straight from the professionals.


Tip One: Build Out, Not Up


You might be thinking taller is better. While it is more luxurious, it definitely kills the credit card. It’s always more expensive to build up, so stick with outer additions, first. Foundation work, too, is expensive, and it should be avoided at all costs. Prioritize function, and don’t follow your contractor if they’re dedicated to a vertical project.


Two: Get Fixtures Online


While quality fixtures are certainly available through big-name providers, online shopping is definitely the way to go. Many clearance, out-of-season and old line fixtures are available online, so you shouldn’t limit yourself to in-store offers. Really, the Internet is the best location for fixture discounts—regardless of the year.


Three: Create a Vanity from Old Furniture


Look, you don’t need to buy new items to recreate your bathroom’s look. In fact, furniture-made vanities are incredibly in-style right now. If your vanity is wood, just repaint or finish it. Or, purchase an old piece of furniture and scrap it for parts. Vanities aren’t complicated, and they’re incredibly easy to make on your own.


Four: Choose Chrome Over Brushed Nickel


When working on your fixtures, choose chrome over brushed nickel to spare your wallet. Chrome is cheaper, and it has a lot more options than brushed nickel does. It’s made a comeback in recent years, too, so you won’t be out of style for prioritizing it.


Five: Frame Your Mirror


While a small addition, a mirror frame goes a long way. How? Well, it attributes style to surrounding architecture. You can save loads of money by swapping a big vanity update for a mirror border. Moreover, mirror frame customization options are limitless. If you’re up to par, style-wise, you can adjust your bathroom’s whole look without tossing money out the window.


In general, smaller is better. Conserve your space, and use your bathroom’s natural angles to heighten size perception. Much of style is psychological. Spare the card swipe. Instead, let your creative side take over.