Your furnace might be sturdy, but it’s worthwhile to know when it’s time to replace. If your furnace is causing indecisiveness and unrest—fear not. We’ve got you covered.


Check out the following warning signs, and take charge when it’s time to replace your unit. While replacing a furnace takes time and money, it’s definitely worth it.


Sign One: Soaring Energy Bills


If your energy bills are rising, your furnace might be the cause. Your aging furnace might be decreasing in performance—leading to higher energy consumption. Narrow down the energy costs, and make sure it isn’t unnecessary overheating caused by broken-down materials or plain old age.


Sign Two: An Outdated Energy Rating


Too many homeowners don’t know their furnace’s energy rating. Minimum energy efficiency ratings, however, were at 78 percent back in 1992. If your purchased furnace was bought before that date, it might be inefficient. Even if your furnace lands in the 80-percent annual fuel utilization efficiency range, it might be having trouble keeping up.


Sign Three: Uneven Temperatures


If you’re experiencing a big difference between room temperatures, your furnace might be losing its power. Or, if you’re constantly adjusting your thermostat to achieve comfort, your furnace is probably struggling to distribute air effectively. Check with your provider, and make sure your problem isn’t simply a cleaning one.


Sign Four: A Dusty House


Sometimes, an overly dusty house reveals far more than an unclean lifestyle. An aged furnace won’t clean, moisturize and distribute air correctly, leading to dust buildup. If your house feels stale and stuffy, your furnace is likely failing to clean up mold, pollen, dust, dander and viruses.


Sign Five: Dry Throats


As stated above, old furnaces can’t keep up with a household’s flying materials. If there’s little dust around, however, you can still get a dry throat from a faulty furnace. In fact, many homeowners face sickness, dry skin and dry noses from old units. Static shocks and drooping plants, too, are signs of an old furnace.


If your furnace isn’t providing the comfort your family needs, contact a provider today. Again, furnaces are built to last. They do, however, age like any other appliance. Don’t neglect your heating area, because an old furnace can even be dangerous to a household’s occupants. While dry throats and potential sickness are possible, an old furnace can even cause damages due to dryness. Up-to-date furnaces breed happy, safe atmospheres, and they should always be considered if an old unit is causing problems.