When your plumbing acts up, it can be tempting to attempt a do-it-yourself fix. But, unless you’re trained in plumbing repair, trying to remedy the problem yourself is almost never a good idea. At Steve’s Plumbing & Heating, we know many homeowners attempt their own repairs to save both money and time, but unfortunately, many of those repairs end in disaster. If you’ve been scouring YouTube for fixes of your own, keep these X DIY plumbing repair dangers in mind. You might just end up saving yourself both time and money — that’s what you’re going for after all, right?

Home Water Damage

How does an in-home flood sound to you? Not great? We thought so. Perhaps the greatest risk you take when you attempt your own plumbing repairs is the risk of future water damage. And, even if the damage isn’t extensive, it’s still more damage than you’d incur if you took the safe route and hired a professional plumber.

Flooding might sound like a dramatic end to a simple valve swap or toilet repair, but you’d be surprised at just how many things can go wrong when you don’t know what you’re doing. Areas that may flood with improper plumbing repairs include:

●        Beneath your toilet. When you repair your toilet improperly, water can leak into the floorboards below. If the damage is severe enough, you may need to replace sections of the floor.

●        Around drain openings. The connection between a pipe and the drain itself can be a weak spot in your plumbing. If you don’t seal the connection completely, water can leak as it drains into the pipe, which will damage the structure beneath the drain.

●        Around dishwasher plumbing. Improperly repairing a dishwasher hose or the plumbing it attaches to can end in disaster. Dishwashers use a significant amount of water, and if a leak develops, water can damage the floorboards beneath the appliance, as well as the surrounding area.

Hazards To Your Safety

If you’re considering a DIY plumbing repair, first and foremost, consider your safety. If you don’t own the proper wrenches and other tools for the job (most people don’t), you cannot safely perform repairs — period. Using makeshift tools or substitute tools in place of the appropriate equipment can result in extensive plumbing damage or, worse, injuries to you or anyone who attempts to assist with repairs. 

Damaged Plumbing Components

If you’re already dealing with plumbing damage, do you really want to risk making the problem worse? Even the simplest of plumbing repairs — a valve swap, for example — can result in serious damage if they’re done incorrectly, so unless you know exactly what you’re doing, it’s best to leave the job to the professionals.

What about YouTube plumbers who instruct you on the proper course of action? Let’s just say there are multiple ways to skin a cat (no offense, cat lovers). Again, unless you’re a trained plumbing professional, you simply won’t know if online DIY instructions are giving you the safest and most efficient method to remedy the problem.

Improper Plumbing Repairs

Improperly repaired plumbing can result in leaks, yes, but in many cases, it simply results in inefficient water flow. Though inefficiency may not be a danger per se, it’ll place unnecessary strain on your bank account. A few of the most common DIY plumbing repair mistakes include:

●        Overtightening connections. Overly tight bolts can lead to cracks in the pipe’s fitting.

●        Using caustic cleaners. Chemical drain cleaners corrode the interior of your pipes, which can cause water leaks over time.

●        Forcing stuck valves. If you cannot turn a seized valve, don’t force it! You may end up snapping the knob and the valve stem in one swift motion.

●        Installing improper fittings. It’s pretty easy to mix up elbows, tees, and wyes if you don’t know what you’re doing. When you install the incorrect plumbing components, get ready to deal with unpleasant drain odors or, worse, plumbing code violations.

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