Protecting your plumbing is something that you probably don't think too much about. A little proactive thought and effort can save you a great deal of stress at a later date. The following tips can help you protect the health of your plumbing.

1. Keep foreign objects out of your drains

While it can be tempting to use your drain as a catch-all for trash since it can accept paper, you should caution household members to keep foreign objects such as cotton balls, cigarette butts, paper towels, plastic and the like. Cooking debris is also something that should be kept out of your drains so don't put animal fat or cooking grease down there either. 

2. Insulate pipes

Not having your pipes properly insulated can result in an unexpected plumbing emergency on the colder days of the year. Not only will your household be without water when you need it, it is likely that a pipe that bursts will also create a huge flooded mess inside your home. In addition, if it happens to you on a cold day, you can expect a lengthy wait until a plumber can reach you. It is likely that your plumbing emergency will not be the only on they will need to deal with that day. For this reason, being proactive and making sure that your pipes are sufficiently insulated is a fantastic use of your time and money as a preventative measure. 

Insulating sleeves are the ideal method of making sure that your pipes do not freeze during the coldest days of the year. They also help prevent your pipes from forming condensation. This can help reduce the moisture that is in your crawl space or other area of your home where your pipes are located. It is important to get the right size insulating sleeves when you go to the hardware store. Otherwise, it will not provide you with the protection you expect. 

For additional tips to help keep your plumbing healthy, or to address any plumbing issues that might arise, be sure to call a reliable plumber who has experience with your particular concerns.