When you think of curb appeal, whether for a flip house to sell quickly or a nice invitation for the guests invited to your family home, you don't really think about plumbing. However, you can trust that a great plumbing system and fixtures is far more appealing than a wonderful front lawn. If no other reason makes you want gorgeous plumbing, understand your friends, family, and especially children will want to wash their hands at an amazing bathroom vanity or gorgeous kitchen sink, and that's reason enough to discuss your options with a professional plumber.

Simple Bath and Kitchen Upgrades

The most simple of upgrades is to place a gorgeous faucet over the sinks in your bath and kitchen. You might be amazed at today's technology. Choose a faucet you tap on and off with your elbow to prevent spreading germs, or find a residential design of what you're used to seeing in industrial buildings in which the faucet automatically turns on when you hold your hand under it. The advantage of residential faucets is they have an easily accessible override control so you can still run your preferred mix of hot and cold water through manual adjustment when it better suits your needs.

Full Renovations

When conducting a full renovation you have even more available options. To replace the shower you can add an insulated or self heated tub which will make you never want to leave your bath. Modern toilets are water efficient, so a full bathroom renovation will incorporate such a feature and lower your monthly water bill. If you're like most people, you'll giggle at hearing some of the modern conveniences available on new toilets, but once you try the comfort of a heated seat or built in bidet design you'll wonder what you ever did without it.

Renovations go beyond the bathroom. Laundry machines and dishwashers use less water than ever before while doing a better job of cleaning and sanitation than you've ever hoped for. A full kitchen renovation can include water filtration systems for the best, cleanest water you've ever tasted and incorporate secondary water supply stations so your family and guests don't have to wait in line to fill your glasses. If the water supply in your area is particularly hard or dirty, whole house filtration systems are also available. Your options toward convenience with modern plumbing designs are limitless as to what you want to do according to what will best suit your home.