The holidays are a time of great fun and excitement. This often means that you have more people in and out of your house with lots of activity going on. While the holidays are typically fun for you and your family, your home's plumbing system might see things a bit differently. Your plumbing system could be showing signs that it needs help recovering from the holidays. Watch for the below signs when it comes to your plumbing and take steps to address them sooner rather than later. 

1. Sluggish kitchen drains

There's no doubt that all the delicious food that is associated with the holidays is one reason for its popularity. With the increase in cooking, though, sometimes your plumbing pays the price. Whether your kids have helped with the cooking or some family members who are unfamiliar with your home have had a hand in preparing for the festivities, you might notice that your kitchen drains are a bit more sluggish than normal. The worst case scenario involves a drain that won't empty properly or that backs up into your sink before overflowing on the floor. This is often caused by oil or grease that has been poured down the drain. 

2. Garbage disposal woes

Your garbage disposal likely saw a significant bump in action during the holidays. Depending on the types of food that was put in it, you might notice that it is making an unusual noise or that it has an unpleasant odor. While it might be too late for your garbage disposal this year, in the future it is best to avoid putting food in it during the holidays. Not only will the increased volume often cause problems, some scraps, such as potato skins and celery, can be particularly troublesome. Instead, dispose of all kitchen waste in your trash can.

3. Overflowing toilets

Young children or guests who don't understand that you should only flush toilet paper down your commode can result in it overflowing. Not only can this lead to a big mess but it can destroy other items within the bathroom that are not supposed to become saturated with dirty water. 

If your home's plumbing system shows any of the above signs that it needs help recovering from the holidays, contact a professional plumber like Steve's Plumbing and Heating