Often for the homeowner, there is little difference between the professional terms of repair, replacement, or maintenance when it comes to solving problems with a plumbing system. You just want it done as quickly as possible without having to worry about the problem coming back up in the future. Although the terms have different meanings to a professional plumbing contractor, a really good plumber understands what your needs are and is willing to tell you what needs to be done when providing a quote without trying to use professional jargon as a means of confusing you while describing the work to be done in your house.


When Are Repairs and Maintenance Needed?

There is a short answer and a long answer to the question of when repairs and maintenance are needed for a plumbing system. The short answer is that when you have a water leak, you need a plumber. A more complicated answer involves being aware of how your system works when it is functioning properly and hiring a plumber if anything seems out of the ordinary. You may notice a drain begins to clog a bit, but still drain. A toilet may take longer to fill after flushing than it once did, or your shower may take longer to heat up after you turn on the water. These types of problems come about slowly and you may not recognize them immediately, but when you realize your plumbing isn't working as efficiently as it once did it's time to discuss routine maintenance and repairs with a plumber before it becomes a worse issue in your home.


Replacement and Installations

Sometimes a simple cleaning of pipes and gentle maintenance can fix an immediate problem, at other times a full replacement is warranted. A rule of thumb is that it's easier to run a plumbing snake through a constricted line which drains slowly than to clear a line which is completely clogged, which is why it's important to conduct routine plubming maintenance instead of waiting on a problem to occur which may require a complete replacement to fix.


Characteristics of a Great Plumber

When you need a plumber, as every homeowner does on occasion, there are few things to look for. Although the job may be dirty, the plumber should be clean upon arrival and mention proper sanitation procedures when describing the work to be done. When providing the quote, a plumber can tell you what he intends to do and what it will cost so you have no questions about what you're paying for.