The question of whether the dry air in your home is better than humid air is determined by a few key factors. The most important thing to understand when it comes to air is that you don’t want to create an environment of extremes. In other words, too much of either is not healthy. This is why home and business owners in the Wisconsin Rapids area often use humidity control to create the perfect balance throughout the building’s interior.


Respiratory Condition Should be Considered

High humidity has long been known to aggravate respiratory problems such as asthma or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Thick air attracts contaminants and airborne allergens such as viruses, bacteria, and even tiny life forms such as dust mites. When inhaled, these harmful substances can trigger poor respiratory conditions. Homeowners should implement an air purifier to clean the air.


A leading cause of high humidity in the home is faulty heating and cooling equipment. Air Ducts in the attic can suffer from loose connections or tears in the fabric. Damaged ducts can allow humid air inside the system and distribute it throughout the home. HVAC systems are designed to lessen the humidity in the house. If your system is performing poorly, then it could be simply recycling humid air instead of drying it out. If you suspect that your system is not working like it should, you should contact a licensed, certified technician to inspect your system and make the necessary repairs.


What Happens if Your Home is Too Dry Inside?

Although most homeowners like drier air, low humidity can also create problems. During the winter months, the hot air can dry out your skin, cause your eyes to become watery, and it can irritate your sinuses. Certain viruses also thrive in homes where the air is too dry. During the wintertime, viruses can increase the risk of getting the flu or common colds. What your home really needs is an environment where just enough humidity can create the type of air that you really want.


Proper Humidity Levels Are Essential for Home Health

To create the perfect balance of humidity, you should contact a professional HVAC technician to perform inspections your home and help you adjust the humidity to healthy levels. Just enough humidity will keep your skin and eyes in good condition but without all the harmful bacteria and pollutants that often accompany a home with too much humidity.


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