Are you getting ready to remodel your bathroom? The first thing you need to think about is your plumbing. Below are five reasons why!


1.      Your Plumbing May Need to be Rerouted
One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make when remodeling their bathroom is moving items around without considering whether or not the plumbing can be rerouted to where they’ve moved the item. Before you launch your project, check with a plumbing specialist like Steve’s Plumbing & Heating to make sure that it is possible to navigate the pipes through the walls and underneath the house.

2.      Consult with a Design Specialist
Bathroom renovations go a lot smoother with the help of a seasoned interior designer. A specialist can help you avoid costly mistakes while giving your ideas that can spark your creativity. Interior designers can help you find deals and can give you the official word on manufacturers and products. Design specialists can also partner with plumbing contractors to ensure that installation and renovation are performed with the highest level of quality.

3.      Buy Quality Plumbing, Enjoy Quality Plumbing
Cheap products may cost less, but they also suffer from poor construction. Cheap products are made for people who go to department stores to find their plumbing. A more discerning homeowner such as yourself can set a healthy budget without low balling every item you buy. If you want to avoid expensive repairs and replacement down the road, then invest in quality products from reputable manufacturers.

4.      Take Your Time with Your Design
Yes, remodeling your bathroom is an invasive, time-consuming, and inconvenient project. But this should never be a reason for you to make a rash decision you may regret later. There are lots of products, options, and features when it comes to bathroom fixtures, cabinets, and other components. Take your time and explore all of them before making a final decision. You and your family spend a lot of time in the bathroom. So make it something that you and they will enjoy for years to come.

5.      Check Your Home Warranty Before You Launch
Many a homeowner has undergone a comprehensive bathroom remodel only to be surprised that it’s not covered under the home warranty. Check with your home contractor and go over the warranty in both construction and products prior to starting the project. They can tell you exactly what will be covered in the plumbing system.


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