There’s nothing to be alarmed about when it comes to most plumbing noises. After all the high hissing is nothing more than air being released, the swishing noise is simply water passing through the pipes, and that screeching sound is just an old faucet being knob being turned. There is, however, one sound that you should be concerned with, and that is the big clunking noise that occurs in the pipes. The noise seems to occur deep down in the plumbing system or possibly the main drain. We’ve heard that noise before.


What’s Causing That Noise?

In order to determine the cause of the noise, we need to determine what activity is going on in the plumbing when it creates the clunk! It usually comes down to three activities:


●        The water supply is suddenly shut off.

●        The water is running.

●        The pipes make a noise for apparently no reason at all.


Let’s explore each of the scenarios, the cause, and the solution for each.


The Water Supply is Suddenly Shut Off

The sudden cutoff of the water supply happens when a toilet tank fills up, a washing machine reaches its water capacity, or the sprinkler shuts off. This creates what is commonly known as a water hammer. All the water that was rushing out of the fixture slams into the closed valve and it causes the pipes to shake. A Steve’s Plumbing & Heating technician can solve this problem by draining all the water out of your system and allowing air back the pipes.


The Water is Running

Running water or water just being turned on can cause the pipes to knock around. It’s due to high water pressure. Most plumbing systems are designed to allow water to flow evenly at a designated rate. Rushing water, however, creates more of a tidal wave surging through the pipes at high speeds. The uneven pressure makes the pipes shake and bang against the nearest object. If this is frequently happening in your home, then we can come out and reset your water pressure and flow. This will solve the issue.


Loud Noises When the Water is Completely Off

Although it would seem that the banging noises in your plumbing system happen randomly and for no reason, quite the opposite is true. If you’re paying attention you quickly discover that they usually rear their ugly head in the morning and in the evening. And, yes, there is a reason: sediment buildup in the water heater after long periods of inactivity.


Most homeowners take showers during the morning and evening hours. In between showers, particles settle in the bottom of the water heater. This sediment builds up over time. When you turn on the water, steam bubbles from the sediment push to the top and create a pressurized noise. The noise is loud enough that it would seem that it is coming from the pipes. The solution? Steve’s Plumbing & Heating can clean out the sediment in your water heater. This will also remove the steam bubbles. The noise is gone!


Remove All Noises in Your Home’s Plumbing with Steve’s Plumbing & Heating

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