Leaky pipes are a headache for homeowners. Even the smallest leak can have huge consequences over time. Steve’s Plumbing and Heating in Central Wisconsin is your one-stop shop for complete professional plumbing installation, repair, and replacement. From drain maintenance and plumbing issues to water heater repair, we can help you with all your plumbing problems. Let's take a closer look at the primary areas in your plumbing system where leaks are common or devastating.


1. Kitchen and Bathroom

Water lines leading to refrigerators and dishwashers are notorious for such problems. Piping under kitchen and bathroom sinks are also common areas for leakage. We recommend that you hire a professional plumber to visually inspect these areas and look for inexplicable water pressure changes as part of your home maintenance routine. It’s always better to catch a leak before it becomes a flood.


2. Water Heaters

Hot water heaters can leak massive amounts of water and be costly to replace. Most have a lifespan of 10-12 years. If you don’t see water around your water heater, there are other ways to tell you may have a leak. If your water pressure suddenly drops and is not as strong as it used to be, you might have a hot water heater leak. Getting a shock of cold water, or lukewarm, during your morning shower is another red flag. If you can’t tell if there is a leak with a visual inspection, contact a professional plumber to check out your water heater.


3. Washing Machines

Unfortunately, there is no good way to know if your washing machine hose is leaking until it is too late. When the line bursts, it’s equivalent to letting your bathtub fill up with water for hours. In this instance, you are looking at an indoor flood. Call a professional plumber right away to mitigate the damage. Water leaks and standing floor water can lead to expensive property damage or hazardous mold.


4. Water Pipes

It’s not easy to see water pipes since they are primarily hidden in the interior walls. Keep your eye out for any discoloration or stains on drywall or ceilings. This is almost always a water leak. Leaking pipes are the most destructive plumbing problems possible. On the bright side, these particular leaks are relatively rare. If you notice signs of water pipe leaks, call a plumber as soon as possible. Water spots on your ceiling can also indicate that your roof has been compromised and not your water pipes.




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