When your plumbing systems are all running perfectly, you rarely think about them. When one or another component encounters a problem, it can quickly escalate into a huge annoyance. The experts at Steve’s Plumbing and Heating know all too well how a small inconvenience can lead to a costly disaster. Our expert plumbers in Central Wisconsin are here to help! Below we’ll look at the four most common plumbing pet peeves and how we can fix them.


1. Dripping Faucets

Everyone knows the awful sound of a dripping faucet keeping you up at night. No matter how hard you turn the handle, the drips continue. Every day your faucet leaks is more money wasted on your utility bill. Replacing the joint is the easiest way to provide a temporary fix. This irritation is best resolved with a professional local plumber who can assess the leak and provide a lasting solution.


2. Clogged Drains

It seems nothing is more annoying than taking a shower or doing dishes while water will simply not drain. Slow or blocked drains indicate a partial or complete clog. For a temporary solution, remove the drain cap and clean out the drain with a plumbing tool or drain cleaner from your local big box store. This can often resolve the clog if the debris is relatively close to the fixture. Anything deeper will require a professional plumber who can come out and assess the situation and provide the necessary drain maintenance services.


3. Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is a common pet peeve for homeowners. There are many causes for this problem such as leaky pipes, corrosion, or mineral buildup on your shower head. One thing to try is removing your shower head and soaking it in a standard de-mineralizing cleanser that focuses on lime, rust, and calcium deposits. Don’t suffer through trickling showers, call an experienced plumber who can provide multiple solutions for problems and increase your water pressure.


4. Running Toilets

Most running toilets go unnoticed for a while until you receive a higher-than-normal water bill. Until you spend considerable time in or near the bathroom in silence, it can be hard to hear. The most common cause for a running toilet is the failure of the flap valve that keeps the water in the tank. Water will continue to drain and refill 24/7. You can purchase this replacement part and try repairing the issue yourself with a little bit of experience. If you are not an experienced fix-it person, it’s best to play it safe and call a professional.


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