Murphy’s Law dictates that if anything can go wrong, it will go wrong, and this can certainly be true when it comes to plumbing. In the Internet age, it is tempting to turn to the web for easy plumbing hacks. But these temporary plumbing solutions can often cause more trouble than they are worth, wasting time and hard-earned money. Steve’s Plumbing and Heating in Central Wisconsin offers helpful plumbing solutions to help you avoid the pitfalls of temporary solutions that cost you in the long run.


1.      Pipe Clamp. When keeping the water shut off is not a feasible solution, it can be tempting to temporarily fix a broken pipe with a pipe clamp. When the rest of the pipe in is decent condition, it can be tempting to leave the pipe clamp as a permanent solution. This stopgap measure will not stand the test of time.


2.      Epoxy. You might be tempted to seal the leak with epoxy, a type of adhesive putty that hardens against the pipe. Epoxy can patch up a crack until you get a chance to replace a pipe, but in some cases, it is more cost-effective to simply replace the pipe.


3.      Pipe Wraps. Pipe wraps are meant only to be used as temporary plumbing fixes until the plumber can be called. Pipe wraps are wraps that harden around a pipe and are similar to epoxy.


4.      Repair Tape. While many tapes on the market claim super strength and durability, they still only offer a quick fix, stalling the inevitable repairs for only a short time. They will likely fail much sooner than any other patch repair.


5.      Repair Sleeves. Repair sleeves are temporary solutions that work well around joint connectors and for the very smallest of cracks.


6.      Rubber Pipe Connectors. Cheap and easy to install, rubber pipe connectors will dry out and crack over time, causing the original problem to reappear later. Again, these provide a good solution for a temporary fix that puts off permanent repair for a later date.


Plumbing Experts for Perfect Bathroom and Kitchen Remodels

Remodeling your home is the perfect time to replace old plumbing in need of repairs. When completing bathroom remodels, you may find yourself removing old fixtures in need of updating. New fixture installation is the perfect time to evaluate shoddy plumbing repairs from days gone by before they end up causing more damage, costing more money. A kitchen remodel also offers an opportunity to update old plumbing. Replacing a water heater can also offer a perfect opportunity to replace old pipes.


Updating Plumbing Materials

Older homes built before 1970 typically have outdated galvanized steel pipes. While durable, these can corrode over time. Bringing in a professional plumbing team can be an excellent opportunity to update older plumbing with newer material to last for many generations. Our experts assess the plumbing in your home, helping you determine the best way to update your plumbing before pipes break, causing damage. Some commonly used materials in modern plumbing are:

●        Brass

●        Copper

●        Galvanized Steel

●        Cast Iron

●        PVC


Plumbing Experts in Central Wisconsin

Repairing plumbing catastrophes can be a daunting task. Our plumbing installation, repair, and replacement technicians Steve’s Plumbing and Heating are experts in repairing all sorts of plumbing problems. We can get you back on track with plumbing repairs that will last for a long time, and while we are there, we can help with your drain maintenance, trenchless sewer repair, and appliance installation. For more information, call 715-421-1800, or you can message us on our contact page.