General wear and tear occurs with the plumbing in your household. When it happens, it can produce noises in your plumbing system. A Steve’s Plumbing & Heating technician can guide you through the diagnosis and make the necessary repairs for you. Regular checkups and drain maintenance goes a long way in ensuring your plumbing is working at it’s best.


Let’s start by breaking down the kind of sound you hear:


●        Whistling

●        Chattering / Banging Sounds

●        Gurgling Drains

●        Water Heater Deposits


We will explore each of these in greater detail.



A high-pitched whistle occurs when water is trying to pass through an obstruction or small gap. If you’ve ever released air from a balloon while holding it between your thumb and finger, you would hear a similar sound.


A whistling faucet could indicate a faulty washer or a loose brass screw A whistling flush tank might require that the ballcock mechanism needs replacement. A whistling shower head may be indicative of a clogged shower head. Once we identify the source, we can repair it or replace the part.


Chattering/Banging Pipes

Banging and clanging pipes are the result of what is known as a water hammer. The flow inside a pipe is blocked, although the water still flows at its regular speed. Once it slams into the blockage, it starts banging against the insides of the pipe. It might sound like a vibration/chattering as well.


There are three ways we can fix this:


1.      Inserting rubber/wooden pads around the piping,

2.      Adding metal pipe straps to keep the pipe snug and reduce the movement.

3.      Anti-hammer devices known as air chambers.


Gurgling Drains
Gurgling sounds emanate from drains when you flush the toilet. They generally occur in the shower drain or the toilet drain. They happen when the drains are clogged with food and hair particles. A quick drain cleaning from one of our technicians will fix this problem for you. We can also diagnose if there is an underlying issue with your sewer line.


Water Heater Issues

Water heaters require regular maintenance to avoid limescale and other sediment buildup. The sediment lines along the sides of the inner water tank and heater mechanism. Loud knocking sounds from your water heater usually indicate some kind of buildup that we need to treat. If we do not treat the problem, the heater will not perform as it should and take longer to heat water.


Professional Plumbing Repair in Wisconsin Rapids

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