Winter is the best time to clean out the ductwork in your home. Your family will be indoors more often with sealed windows and doors. Since the air has nowhere to go, the dirty ductwork will continue to distribute dirty air throughout every house.


If you or someone in your family has allergies or asthma, a dirt duct system can aggravate their health condition. A clean duct system, however, will allow your family to breathe easier.


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What Does a Ductwork Inspection Include?

Our ductwork inspections cover every component of your duct and HVAC system to ensure that no dirt is left behind. Below is ductwork checklist that we follow:


●        Climb into the attic or crawl space to get a better look at the duct system

●        Visually inspect all accessible ductwork for damaged or inadequate insulation

●        Wet or damp insulation is the same as damaged insulation

●        Identify leaks in the air ducts seams or holes in the material

●        Identify disconnected or fallen air ducts

●        Remove air vents or air filters to look for air duct debris, dust, or dirty

●        Inspect evaporator coils for debris, mold, or mildew

●        Inspect all the ductwork for dirt, mold, or debris

Ductwork Repairs

If you have old air ducts in your attic, then they may need to be repaired or replaced. When we evaluate the entire system, we look for signs of wear and tear throughout the ducts. The slightest hole can cause either cause leaks, which leads to an inefficient system or draw air in, which can pollute the AC even worse.


Air drawn in from the attic carries insulation particles, old dust, and thousands of microbes. The result is contaminated air that leads to sinus problems, allergies, asthma, and respiratory infections. We can solve this problem by either repairing your current ductwork or completely replacing with fresh, clean air ducts.

Benefits of Ductwork Maintenance

Regular professional air duct cleaning from one of our heating and cooling technicians every one to three years can reduce the amount of unhealthy air that you are breathing. There are other benefits as well.


●        Improved efficiency in the heating system

●        Lower HVAC maintenance

●        More extended heating and cooling system longevity

●        Lower energy bills

●        Cleaner air with less pollution

Air Duct Cleaning Services in Minneapolis, Minnesota

If you need air duct inspections, cleaning, or repair, contact Steve’s Plumbing & Heating service. We offer complete inspections and cleaning for homes throughout Minneapolis, Minnesota. You can count on us for fast service, affordable rates, and work of the highest quality.


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