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Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel Plumbing

Your kitchen and bathroom are two of the most valuable rooms in your house, both in terms of resale value and in your personal investment of time. You want those spaces to be as comfortable as can be, and to reflect your unique tastes and lifestyle. But how do you get there?

Expert Kitchen and Bathroom Remodelers 

Let Steve's Plumbing & Heating help you with all your remodeling needs. Call to schedule an appointment with us. We will come right to your home and discuss the best options for your kitchen or bathroom remodel. Don’t worry: we’ve done this before. Our team will sit with you, examine where you are, and listen to where you want to go. Then we’ll start designing a new kitchen or bath (or both!) that will transform your home into the sanctuary you’ve always wanted. 

Maybe you've always wanted a kitchen island. Our a bidet (no, not in the kitchen!). Or a newly configured shower area. Whatever your dreams are, we're here to make them into a reality. And however you convey those dreams - verbally, on the back of a napkin, or through professional architectural plans - we can translate your dreams into a brick-and-mortar, real-life representation of exactly what you want. 

Not sure how to get started? Start sketching your ideas on the back of an envelope. Look for examples of bathrooms and kitchens that you like in magazine and online. Or come to us with a dream, and our designers will work with you to come up with the perfect new kitchen or bathroom for your tastes, lifestyle, and budget. 

We make it easy to find just the right touches that will have you gleaming with pride every time you enter that "new look" room in your home. And you'll do it for a whole lot less than most remodels!