There’s a lot that goes into a kitchen remodel. If you do not plan well during the design phase, you may experience significant problems halfway through the project. Plumbing is a crucial element of any kitchen renovation, so it’s essential to get the details right before you execute.


Below are some kitchen plumbing remodeling tips that can save you time and money by avoiding costly mistakes.

Look for the Hidden Fixtures

Plumbing engineers design hidden fixtures to be used but not seen. They are scattered throughout the kitchen behind the appliances, and under sinks, and occasionally behind a wall or under a floor.


Hidden fixtures may include:


●        The sink supply

●        Waste pipes

●        Dishwasher hookups

●        Cold water supply line


A Steve's Plumbing & Heating technician can inspect the fixtures to make sure they are in good condition and will last beyond the kitchen remodel.

Plumbing Upgrades & Rerouting

If you’re starting with a clean slate and redesigning your floor plan, you’ll quickly run into problems if you haven’t configured the plumbing network. You may need to add pipes, upgrade pipes, or reroute the entire system to accommodate the appliances and sinks.


This is a major undertaking that requires the expertise of a certified plumber. We can map out the plumbing in the walls and underneath the flooring to determine what adjustments we’ll need to make.

Put the Sink at the Center of Your Floorplan

Your kitchen sink will likely not dictate your kitchen design, but it should be at the center of your floorplan. If you move the sink to a different area of the kitchen or purchase a new sink, the current plumbing may not be compatible. We’ll need to reroute to change the plumbing to work with the sink.


Once you settle on the sink placement, you can build everything around it such as the cabinets, flooring, lighting, and appliance installation. Although we cut into a cabinet and make the necessary adjustments, you’ll save time and money in labor and building costs by positioning the sink first.

Flooring First, Dishwasher Next

The dishwasher should be one of the last items you install in your kitchen. Why? Because you have yet to install your laminate or tile flooring. In older homes, the flooring was around the dishwasher where it exposed the subflooring.


When the dishwasher was in need of repair or replacement, it was increasingly difficult to pull the appliance out to make the necessary repairs. To avoid this problem, lay down the flooring first, and then install the dishwasher.


There is one caveat. You need to factor in the height of the dishwasher so that it is level with the counter.

Professional Kitchen Remodeling in Wisconsin Rapids

If you are considering renovating your kitchen and need assistance redesigning the plumbing, then contact Steve’s Plumbing & Heating. We offer complete plumbing installation, repair, and full system replacement for residential properties in Wisconsin Rapids and the Central Wisconsin area.


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