Plumbing is an often overlooked component of a kitchen remodeling project. If you do not consider the pipes, fixtures, and other parts of the plumbing when you redesign the floorplan, you may end up making costly mistakes. At Steve’s Plumbing & Heating, we can help you configure the plumbing as your renovate each section of the kitchen, so you have a new, efficient, and sustainable system. Our expert plumbing technicians can perform fixture installation, appliance installation, and plumbing network rerouting.


1.      Hidden Fixtures

Some fixtures in your kitchen remain unseen; yet, they are vital to the plumbing. These may include shutoff valves under the sink or copper piping that connects to the refrigerator. Before you move appliances or countertops around, we’ll need to re-route these types of fixtures to accommodate the renovation. Hidden fixtures can be a bit tricky to relocate depending how and where they are connected to the pipes.


2.      Get a Bigger Drain

One of the biggest mistakes in kitchen plumbing is installing sink or floor drains that are too small. You should opt for larger drains to eliminate clogging. We can replace the old drains with sizable, more durable drains that can handle the daily load of kitchen activity. The new installment will not require any modifications in the sink, the dishwasher, or any other water-based appliances. You’ll benefit from less maintenance to the pipes.


3.      Add Plumbing Accessories During Design Phase

Before you begin construction on your kitchen renovation, we’ll need to sit down with you to go over all the details of the plumbing. The project will require some strategic planning and design. During this phase, you should decide what type of plumbing accessories you want to add to the kitchen. You also should avoid last-minute changes to keep the project going as planned.


4.      Efficiency and Sustainability

A kitchen renovation is the perfect for your opportunity for you to create efficiency and sustainability in your plumbing system. We can assess the areas where you are wasting money and where your plumbing is hurting the environment. Many of the changes we can make to your plumbing network are simple and low-cost.


Innovative Kitchen Remodeling From Steve’s Plumbing & Heating

Turn your ideas into reality today with kitchen remodeling from Steve’s Plumbing & Heating. We can help you revitalize your plumbing system and create long-term solutions that will modernize your entire piping network. We specialize in fixture installation, appliance installation, plumbing replacement, and repairs.


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